About me

My name is Julia Szalai, I am a birth doula and I also build WordPress websites for birth professionals and women entrepreneurs. I am passionate about the power of women circles, enjoy creating things with my hands and would grasp an opportunity to sing anytime, anywhere.
I live in Amsterdam with my husband, our two little girls and a gigantic black cat.

As a birth doula I offer – my doula services

As a website designer I offer – my website services

Births and websites – my story

Combining my many hats of professions and finding not only a connection between them but realizing they are originating from the same stem has been an ongoing self discovery for me.
After years of working in not too challenging positions while studying, I have started out in my chosen profession as an interior designer in a furniture store. I enjoyed peeking into the lives of my customers and to be able to walk with them and help them chose from the many options on display; which, at that time happened to be pieces of furniture.

My brother falling very seriously ill and me becoming pregnant soon after that got me immersed in how our bodies work and to what extent we are capable of controlling what is happening to and inside us.
I was 4 months pregnant when he died. Desperately seeking explanation and also as a means of an escape from my grief, I focused on my own body instead; I prepared for the birth of our daughter with the loving support of my partner.

The birth was a mystical and empowering experience I was hoping it would be. I was confident and well furnished with information and I felt lucky for us to have had such an opening to our life as a family.

Since starting my doula training I have listened to and learned from a lot of wise women, and got to understand more, even about my own experiences. It was also around this time that being a stay at home mom of 2, my work in our small family IT business started to shift towards website building. I started to work with and learn about WordPress, the most popular, and in my opinion the most user friendly website content management system.
Throughout the years I have realized that my website customers were all either women or holistic professionals, and since we were working on similar fields I could also support them as a business coach, sharing with them my knowledge and experience in sales and customer care.

In January 2015 I moved to Amsterdam with my family and I currently live and work here.


Birthlight Yoga for Maternity – Level 1 course (June 2016, London)
Spinning Babies – workshop (May 2016, Amsterdam)
Aromatherpay for birth professionals – workshop by Joyce Hoek-Pula (February 2016, Amsterdam)
Békés Doula Circle – 150 hour extensive doula course (February 2014, Budapest)
Ina May Gaskin – one day workshop (November 2013, Fürstenfeld)
Perinatal and pregnancy loss support – workshop for birth professionals by Magdolna Singer (February 2013, Budapest)
Békés Doula Circle – basic doula training (April 2012, Budapest)
Assertive communication training – (June 2009, Budapest)

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