Pregnancy massage, overdue massage and postpartum massage in Amsterdam

Relaxing, full body pregnancy or postpartum massage in the comfort of your own home

The massage I offer is a relaxing, reassuring touch that helps you connect to your changing body. I am coming to your home to give you 1,5 hours of my sole attention, easing discomfort and lifting your mood. This massage style focuses on you and your level of comfort without the aim of muscle manipulation, therefore it is safe and beneficial during pregnancy and in the immediate postpartum period as well.

Price: 90 min-  €127 ( €107 for doula clients) 120 min – €167 ( €147 for doula clients)

Location: in your on home in Amsterdam – travel and parking costs up to € 5 /hour are included in my price.

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Benefits of a relaxing massage during pregnancy and after you have given birth:

  • warms up the body and as such allows for better circulation

  • helps with digestion and stimulates appetite

  • helps to reduce swelling in the feet and legs, improving the lymph system’s ability to remove tissue waste in the body

  • helps to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to sleep better after the massage

  • through the release of oxytocin from attentive touch, massage can also be helpful in the last days of pregnancy

Pregnancy massage Julia Szalai

How do I massage?

I bring towels, pillows and sheets to cover those on your own bed. If you are pregnant you can lay down on your side, with lots of cushions around you to make it fully comfortable. If you have already given birth I will massage you while you are laying on your back. The massage is done on the bare skin with neutral oils that I bring, or with your favorite massage oil that you might already have.

Massage options


Julia Szalai - Massage

FAQ about my massage services

  • All the prices are inclusive of 21% VAT (BTW) and are valid until 31.12.2024
  • Parking costs up to 5 Euro/hour are included, above this amount are billed as addition to the price of the massage.
  • Transportation costs in Amsterdam and its 15km radius are inclusive.
  • You can cancel individual appointments up to 48 hours in advance. If you cancel within 48 hours, the session will be charged, except if the cancellation is due to illness, in which case you can reschedule the appointment. If you cancel because you are in labour or you have already given birth, the appointment can be cancelled free of charge.