Birth support and birth preparation

Continuous birth doula support and private birth preparation sessions in Amsterdam

Continuous labour and birth support

Whether it is happening at home, in a hospital or birthing centre, the most important thing a woman needs during labour and birth is feeling safe and supported. With 9 years of experience in supporting families in all possible birth scenarios in home and out of home birth settings, birth where baby was born in a pool, births that started a little bit early or with an induction, planned and emergency Caesarean births, I am offering various birth support packages to choose from.

Informing and inspiring you to make empowering choices!


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Julia Szalai birth support

Why work with me?

  • Continuous support, regardless where you give birth or how long it takes

  • Lower chance of medical interventions such as episiotomy, vacuum or c-section

  • Teamwork: supporting your partner so they feel confident and comfortable supporting you

  • A familiar face by your side

  • Looking back to your birth in a more positive way

Birth support packages


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Birth preparation – private session

A private birth preparation is a great opportunity not only to educate yourself about the options available for your pregnancy, labour and birth but to also receive personalized practical tips and tricks to aid you on your journey.

This 3 hour course is aimed at providing you with all the necessary information, to prepare your mind, your body and your (birth) partner  for the birth of your baby.

Price: €277

Duration: 3 hours

Location: in your home

  • Learn about the Dutch health care system

  • Pain relief options – both medical and non-medical

  • Write your birth plan – your preferences, wishes and worries communicated

  • Tips and tricks for your partner

  • Breathing techniques & comfort measures

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Julia Szalai Birth preparation