Birth doula services in Amsterdam

Birth preparation

Would you like to talk about your wishes, worries, thoughts or dreams about your pregnancy? Do you feel that you would like to get information not only from books but from a real person as well? Birth preparation with a doula therefore is a great opportunity not only to educate yourself about the options available for your pregnancy, labour and birth but also to receive unbiased support, whatever path you may embark on.

Continuous labour and birth support

Whether it is happening at home, in a hospital or birthing centre, the most important thing a woman needs during labour and birth is continuous support. With the help of a doula women are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and less likely to have interventions such as pain medication, epidural or c-section. Also, a doula and your partner can work together to make up your great labour support team.

Do you have some questions on your mind and would like to read up on them? You can find my Doula FAQ maybe already has the answer.

Pregnancy yoga

Doing yoga is a great way to not only become and stay fit, but also to explore body awareness. Yoga is a powerful tool in understanding what is happening in your changing body. Experiencing these changes through movement, relaxation, breathing exercises and just having fun among other pregnant women, you can influence not only the birthing process itself but also your transition into motherhood.

Doula Package

€ 1 397

2 prenatal consultations
continuous availability from week 38
unlimited phone and email support during outside meetings
continuous and unlimited labour and birth support
1 postpartum consultation

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As a doula, my main job is to listen to your needs and wishes during the preparation for birth and your labour.
I help you become confident and content about your choices and support you fully;
so you are able to concentrate only on yourself, your partner and your baby on one of the most unforgettable days of your lives.

Birth preparation

€ 297 – 3 hours

in the privacy of your home
1×3 hours
understanding the stages of labour and birth
birthing position, comfort measures
breathing techniques
informed decision making
pain management, interventions
navigating the Dutch healthcare system


€ 160 – 2 hours

in the privacy of your own home
as an addition to a doula package, or on its own
to talk about your wishes, worries, expectations
to create a birth plan
to process previous birth experience(s)
overdue baby session

Pregnancy massage

€ 90 / 1,5 hour

in the privacy of your own home
as an addition to a doula package, or on its own
to relax your body and mind
adapted to your needs and comfort

My prices are inclusive of BTW and in case of the doula packages they can be paid in installments.