Birth doula services in Amsterdam

Birth preparation – private session

Would you like to talk about your wishes, worries, thoughts or dreams about your pregnancy? Do you feel that you would like to get information not only from books but from a real person as well? Birth preparation is a great opportunity not only to educate yourself about the options available for your pregnancy, labour and birth but also to receive unbiased support, whatever path you may embark on.

Price: €164

Duration: 2 hours

Location: in your home or online

  • Learn about the Dutch health care system

  • Pain relief options – both medical and non-medical

  • Write your birth plan – your preferences, wishes and worries communicated

  • Tips and tricks for your partner

  • Breathing techniques & comfort measures

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Continuous labour and birth support

Whether it is happening at home, in a hospital or birthing centre, the most important thing a woman needs during labour and birth is continuous support. As of August 2020 I am working together with Doula Denise to provide birth support as 2Doulas to parents in and around Amsterdam. With out joint experience of 16 years in this shared cared birth support model we are offering various birth support packages.

Because let’s be real, in this case, the more support the better!

Price: starting from €1777 – with 4 prenatal + 1 postnatal meeting, unlimited support via phone/mail, TENS machine, on call from 38 weeks

  • Continuous support, regardless where you give birth or how long it takes

  • Lower chance of medical interventions

  • Teamwork: supporting your partner so they feel confident and comfortable supporting you

  • A familiar face by your side

  • We are available 24/7 during the whole year, including holidays

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As a doula, my main job is to listen to your needs and wishes during the preparation for birth and your labour.
I help you become confident and content about your choices and support you fully;
so you are able to concentrate only on yourself, your partner and your baby on one of the most unforgettable days of your lives.