Include a birth preparation course at your company as a unique family-friendly benefit. Would you like to know more ?


How a person experiences the birth of their baby has a huge impact on their overall health, well-being and ultimately on their productivity. As they prepare for the birth they need to know their options to be able to choose the location, the support people and the level of care with which they feel safest.
For someone who has just moved to another country this might be challenging. Without having close family and friends around, the workplace and the colleagues can become the best and trusted source of information. 

By including an on site birth preparation course in your benefit package you, as employer can give your hard working team members piece of mind.

Why it is beneficial for your company to have a birth preparation course 

Benefits for your company

  • keeping your employees motivated
  • winning your perfect hire
  • on site course reduces absenteeism
  • creating a community
  • promoting healthy work-life balance

Benefits for your employees

  • all information in one place about birth in the Netherlands
  • conveniently located at the workplace
  • getting to know other expecting colleagues
  • feeling valued and supported
  • access to professionals, additional services

Yes, I would like to include a birth preparation course at my company as a unique family-friendly benefit.


Details of the course

The birth preparation course consist of 4 x 2-hour sessions with the following topics:

1. Birth in the Netherlands, roles of hormones through the stages of labour and birth
2. Informed decision making, pain management, interventions
3. Birthing position, comfort measures, breathing techniques
4. The baby is here- breastfeeding, caring for the newborn

The course is held by Julia Szalai, birth doula, childbirth educator and pregnancy yoga teacher living in Amsterdam. She has been assisting expecting families who have relocated since 2012.