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Evidence based, unbiased information on pregnancy and birth topics
Evidence based information on topics such as “too big baby“, due date, failure to progress

Spinning Babies
Optimal fetal positioning exercises/positions for pregnancy and birth, not only about helping breech babies turn, this method offers a complex approach to improve how babies are positioned for more comfort in pregnancy and an easier birth

Midwife thinking  – Dr Rachel Reed
This blog is sharing free evidence-based information about birth with parents and anyone involved in providing maternity care or education. Facts and evidence around meconium for example.

Is pushing necessary?
Articles on forced pushing and the fetal ejection reflex.
Is pushing during labour necessary? – from
Don’t push the river… – from
Supporting women’s instinctive pushing behaviour.. – from


My doula FAQ – about what I do exactly and how my doula services complement the work of the medical professionals

Dutch Doula Association

Relaxing music for birth
Also my playlist from the pregnancy yoga classes with 18 hours of calm, relaxing music
My youtube playlist 

Tools, useful accessories


Massage ballSpiky massage ball
Great tool for labour, neatly fits in the palm of your hand. LINK to webshop.







Skippy ballSkippy ball from Decathlon – comes in 3 sizesLINK
A ball is a perfect fit if when sitting on it your hips are in line with your knees and you are not sinking into the ball. Sizing can be very misleading, (I once had a 65 cm ball that would not go bigger than 45 cm no matter how hard I tried to pump it up. The one I take with me when I go to a birth is supposed to be 75 cm but it fits people being 165-175 cm. ) I would recommend to buy the middle one and try it and if it doesn’t fit you can choose the bigger one.



Liliputi carrier

Stretchy wrap/baby carrier – Liliputi
This Hungarian company offers a wide range of very good quality carriers suitable for newborns as well. I find their stretchy wrap to be the best among similar products, being very easy to use and also made of a slightly softer and thinner fabric than most brands. This makes it more comfortable and also more suitable for summer months. If you would like to order from them, let me know if I could help!


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Hospital birth
Home birth

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Twin home birth – I am amazed by the teamwork of midwifes and a doula during this birth, everyone being so calm and still keeping busy without interfering. This mama rocks, notice the horse lips breathing as her first baby emerges!

These are my hours
Beautiful documentary about a real home birth with everything shown there is to be seen, felt and witnessed at the time of birth, raw emotions, female intensity, nakedness, bodily fluids and labour sounds.