15 06, 2017

Birthlight yoga – pregnancy yoga for all trimesters in Amsterdam

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When I became pregnant with my first daughter 8 years ago I had very minimal yoga experience but for some reason pregnancy yoga felt like the thing I wanted to do. Previously I had been to - now looking back and having more experience - some very strange non pregnant yoga classes; one, for example was held next to a very noisy gym so relaxation or quiet concentration was hardly possible. Yoga in general didn't really speak to me, I felt intimidated by not knowing the correct usage of props, (especially bricks freaked me out, they looked just too

29 08, 2016

Pregnancy yoga Amsterdam Oost

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As of the 8th of September I will be teaching pregnancy yoga at the Oost studio of Thrive Yoga on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Come and join me if you would like to safely exercise while expecting and would like to prepare your body and mind for birth and motherhood. You can sign up for a trial class HERE My bio on Thrive's website.  

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