24 12, 2020

Online yoga gift card

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Are you looking for a last minute present for an expecting mother or someone, who has recently given birth? My weekly online yoga classes are for the body and the soul, helping to reduce anxiety and stress through strengthening and releasing exercises. Prices: 3 sessions for €28 5 sessions for €45 Day and time: Prenatal yoga: Wednesdays at 10:00 CET Postnatal yoga - Yoga for mothers: Sundays at 10:00 CET

26 11, 2020

Prenatal pelvic floor workshop

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In person and also ONLINE During this 2 hour workshop you learn about the functions of the pelvic floor muscles, look at how to connect to them, and learn how to build up a routine to be conscious about their ability to tense up and relax. Learning about how to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles might be an important addition to birth preparation and can be very helpful during birth. Regardless of how the baby decides to be born, this knowledge can help you maintain the health of these muscles during pregnancy and also after giving birth. Prices:

17 08, 2020

Pregnancy yoga

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In Birthlight pregnancy yoga I have found the connection between what I know and practice as a doula and what yoga can offer during pregnancy and then labour and birth. It gives the power and control back to you over your own body, on the level of your own comfort; with how you move and also with how much yogic you wish to be. Exercises I teach during the classes aim to restore and maintain balance, paying attention to pelvic awareness, to the importance of breathing, to the bond between mother and baby and how all these through movement

23 03, 2020

Online pregnancy yoga Thursday evenings

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To be able to still serve our community at Thrive yoga Amsterdam, after closing the studios for the upcoming weeks a new system has been set up. The whole studio moved online and there are now 7-8 classes daily in varying styles. I am teaching pregnancy yoga Thursday evenings from 19:00 CET. If you are already a member of the studio you can use your prenatal cards for the classes, if not, you can purchase an online membership. Online classes at Thrive yoga Amsterdam If you want to watch the classes on your phone you need to download the app

20 01, 2018

Postnatal yoga course IJburg

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Postnatal - mother&baby yoga in IJburg Being born and and giving birth are two of the most impactful events in life. After birth, both mother and baby need time to heal, settle down and get used to the new situation; the first weeks as a mother of a(nother) little baby and the first weeks of life outside the womb. Gentleness, patience and compassion for yourself, your body and your baby are very much required. With the passing of weeks and months you will slowly find back to your ‘old’ self and your ‘new’ self as a mother will gradually

15 06, 2017

Birthlight yoga – pregnancy yoga for all trimesters in Amsterdam

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When I became pregnant with my first daughter 8 years ago I had very minimal yoga experience but for some reason pregnancy yoga felt like the thing I wanted to do. Previously I had been to - now looking back and having more experience - some very strange non pregnant yoga classes; one, for example was held next to a very noisy gym so relaxation or quiet concentration was hardly possible. Yoga in general didn't really speak to me, I felt intimidated by not knowing the correct usage of props, (especially bricks freaked me out, they looked just too

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