15 03, 2021

2Doulas shared care birth support

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New concept of shared care birth support in Amsterdam I am so happy to call you my friend, colleague and partner in birth, Denise van Eeden. We have been working together in the last 6 months to create something special, and today is our official launching date as 2Doulas, offering shared cared birth support in Amsterdam. Our new website is also ready, check it out! I am super happy about how the photos turned out, really hope that our vibe comes across when you click through the pages. What does the 2Doulas concept mean for us? having a colleague

11 02, 2021

Prenatal pelvic floor workshop online

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Learn more about this hidden muscle group During this 2 hour online workshop you learn about the functions of the pelvic floor muscles, look at how to connect to them, and learn how to build up a routine to be conscious about their ability to tense up and relax. Learning about how to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles might be an important addition to birth preparation and can be very helpful during birth. Regardless of how the baby decides to be born, this knowledge can help you maintain the health of these muscles during pregnancy and also

4 06, 2020

Breech baby? Consultation and massage package

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The world is upside down - my baby is head-up The uncertain times of the last couple of months have been quite hard on expecting people. Regulations concerning pregnancy and birth related care are constantly changing and limitations in terms of who is allowed to support and accompany the birthing people have been very hard to accept. The weeks leading up the birth are exiting times even when the circumstances are calm and relaxing. When you add uncertainty and lots of worry it causes the mind and body function differently. Babies also react to the happenings of the outside

6 04, 2020

Doula support in the time of coronavirus

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How are my work and doula services I offer different now that everything has moved online? I was at a birth in an Amsterdam hospital when a text came from my husband that schools are closing down for at least 3 weeks. These 3 weeks have already passed and it seems there are a couple more still coming where in person services and in general, social connections are limited. Doula support in the time of coronavirus My work is about connection. The initial preparation sessions are leading up to the birth, where my role is to be present in

6 02, 2017

Birthing positions workshop for couples

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Do you think your partner would feel more comfortable in a birth preparation setting if a workshop was held by a couple, talking and sharing about birth from a support person’s point of view as well? If yes, we invite you to spend an afternoon with us with your partner or your birth support person during our hands-on birthing positions workshop in our home. In a safe and friendly atmosphere me and my husband would like to help you prepare for the labour and birth by not only talking about your worries, wishes and expectations but also by showing you

13 05, 2016

Spinning Babies workshop

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Spinning Babies - Side lying release Coming home after the wonderful Spinning Babies workshop with Jennifer Walker today I must say I am having a very difficult time putting into writing what I feel exactly. I have been touched by all what I have heard and seen both on a professional level and very much so on a personal one. My personal experience Why I am about to share quite a bit of a personal story with you - although I usually refrain from this as a doula - is because it shows how much we already know

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