406, 2020

Breech baby? Consultation and massage package

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The world is upside down - my baby is head-up The uncertain times of the last couple of months have been quite hard on expecting people. Regulations concerning pregnancy and birth related care are

1905, 2020

Yoga for mothers – online weekly classes

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Yoga for mothers - restorative, gentle exercises for women after giving birth These Yoga for mothers classes are for people who have given birth recently - from a couple of months up to even

604, 2020

Doula support in the time of coronavirus

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How are my work and doula services I offer different now that everything has moved online? I was at a birth in an Amsterdam hospital when a text came from my husband that schools

2303, 2020

Online pregnancy yoga Thursday evenings

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To be able to still serve our community at Thrive yoga Amsterdam, after closing the studios for the upcoming weeks a new system has been set up. The whole studio moved online and there are

1211, 2019

Monday evening pregnancy yoga in Amsterdam Noord

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As a substitute teacher I am teaching pregnancy yoga Monday evenings in Amsterdam Noord for a couple of months. Come and join me for a relaxing practice with breathing exercises and movements to ease discomfort

2001, 2018

Postnatal yoga course IJburg

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Postnatal - mother&baby yoga in IJburg Being born and and giving birth are two of the most impactful events in life. After birth, both mother and baby need time to heal, settle down and

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